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Digital Piano

Product Description
The P60 or P60S are the perfect pianos for some one who is just starting out and wants to learn to play piano or for the accomplished player who wants a very light weight, portable instrument. 

It comes in 2 striking designs — the P60 in Black and the P60S in Silver.

It features the same the GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard found on more expensive Yamaha digital pianos. The GH action of the P60 has the right keyboard feel to insure correct technique and inspire you to play more.

The hi quality AWM ( Advanced Wave Memory) sampled sounds feature Grand Piano with 30 different sample points for an accurate digital emulation of the nuances of a Grand Piano. The built-in speaker system is specifically designed to reproduce all the tonal quality of the P60’s voices including the built in digital reverb to add the ambiance of a concert hall to your living room.

The MIDI in/out allow you to expand the P60’s musical and educational capabilities by connecting it to a home computer.


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